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8 Reasons why Rico won’t be another software flop for Council planning teams

Speaking to Council planning teams, we hear some horror stories about their experience with software implementations.

Large, complicated pieces of software that take ages to implement, aren’t really designed for planning and waiting on inputs from various people and other departments.

And after all this, all you’re often left with is an overly complicated system that creates pain for those using it.

Rico looks to buck this trend.

We know why software implementations go wrong and have taken great care to avoid the pitfalls so we deliver a system that’s easy to roll out, loved by planners and most effective at delivering results.

We’ve summarised the following 8 reasons why Rico won’t be another software flop:

  1. Rico is built for planning, not one size fits all. Other software isn’t built for planning and doesn’t align with how planning works. Instead of being awkwardly tailored to fit your needs, Rico was built for planning from day one.

  2. Rico helps do work, not just managing it. When software becomes too much about managing work it forgets to help actually do the work. Rico focuses on improving planners' day-to-day assessments.

  3. Rico is designed for the people using it. Instead of focusing solely on the needs of those who are paying for it, Rico also creates a great experience for those who actually use the software delivering the best results for everyone.

  4. Rico is built for different planning approaches and policies. Every planning context is different. Instead of making you change your ways drastically, Rico is flexible so it can adapt to different planning assessments and policy contexts.

  5. Rico slots in where MS Word does. Instead of requiring complicated integrations, Rico can work interchangeably with MS Word, outputting reports in .docx format where these can be fed into existing systems.

  6. Rico doesn’t take up IT time/resources. Instead of creating work for often overstretched IT teams, Planners can get up and running on Rico with no IT resources. Often all that’s needed is their approval.

  7. Rico is simple and intuitive. Unlike old, clunky software we often see, Rico has been refined with real planners working across thousands of projects. The result is simple, intuitive software that takes minimal to no formal training to learn.

  8. Rico is continually improving. Forget updates, reinstalls and waiting for your next purchase to get the improvements you want, Rico is cloud-based and invests heavily in R&D which means we can continuously update the software without requiring any action on your end.

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