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Where Rico fits into the technology landscape at Councils

When we mention software for streamlining consent processing to Councils, most think of software they’ve previously used or heard of; application portals, business operations, project management and customer relations software.

Rico isn't like any of these.

Other software systems typically focus on high-level work around consent processing, tracking projects, managing tasks, and storing project/client information.

Rico focuses on the planning assessments themselves, helping planners with work usually done manually or in various MS Word Templates or Checklists.

Rico saves hours on every project, even on top of what you might be already achieving with other software. It does this by automatically adapting assessments and templates to each project’s unique requirements and automating repetitive, box-ticking type work so planners can focus more on the high-value assessments they’re trained to.

Hours per project quickly add up delivering significant results across the entire consenting teams that reduce overall processing timeframes and lowering overheads.

Rico’s positioning also means it works well alongside existing software, delivering significant improvements with minimal disruption, no matter what technology you’re already using.

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