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Where Rico fits into the technology landscape at Councils

Updated: Mar 10

Where you're most likely used to seeing software

When we mention software for streamlining consent processing to Councils, most naturally think of software they’ve previously used or heard of within the space; application portals, business operations, project management and customer relations software.

Rico takes a different approach to this.

Where Rico fits in

While other software systems are focused on helping IT and Management roles, Rico focuses directly on helping planners with their planning assessments. This is work done within report templates and checklists (usually using MS Word) or manually with no formal process.

You can learn more about the specific problems Rico solves across this process here.

How Rico integrates with existing technologies

Rico outputs reports in fully formatted and editable MS Word documents that slot into your existing technology landscape easily.

With existing software and IT Systems, Rico's focus on planning usually means there is minimal overlap and no need to formally integrate with these.

In terms of implementation, Rico is cloud-based which means there's no need for IT input to get up and running.

Overall, as a starting point, Rico is designed to make it very easy for planning teams to get up and running with minimal input from IT and other stakeholders which often takes up a lot of time and resources.

If you have key integrations you'd like beyond this, we're more than happy to discuss these based on your specific requirements.

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