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Planners, it's time to go back to the future!

Noticed the rest of the world moving ahead while planners find themselves reworking clunky word templates, scrolling endlessly through PDFs and scratching your head over complicated planning rules?  Rico is here to help you make a change! 

Rico streamlines preparing and processing planning applications from end-to-end

Initial scoping

Perform fast, methodical checks on sites and proposals to detect all the relevant planning considerations for a project upfront.

Compliance  assessments

Work out relevant rules and policies in no time and produce crystal-clear compliance assessments, no matter how complex the project.

Reporting and templating

Take your reports and templating to the next level with a suite of automation functionalities that produce clean consistent reports faster than ever.

Rico knows planners

Tailored to you

Dealing with a complicated regulatory framework? Have a particular approach to reports and formatting you like? No worries. Rico is built to handle all the quirks of planning rules and adapt to your preferred approach to assessments, right down to the fonts and formatting of reports.

Keeps planners in the driver's seat

Ready to hand your decisions over to a machine? Didn't think so! Rico lets you retain full control and transparency over every step of your decisions. No black-box automation, just a suite of intuitive efficiency gains that let you focus more on the issues that matter.

Exceptional service & support

Did you know only 30% of all software implementations are successful? Rather than shy away from this, we embrace it. If Rico doesn't get used you don't pay. That keeps us incentivised to support you every step of the way. Our customers call this "exceptional service".

What planners are saying...

Michael Campbell, Director
“Absolutely [I'd recommend it]!  Rico is a useful tool that improves efficiency and enables planners to focus on the critical analysis of an application/proposal.”

Learn more about a solution for you

Local government planning teams

Planning consultancies

In IT / Digital? Checkout our dedicated page for local authority IT / Digital teams here

Get in touch today for a no-obligation conversation to see if Rico can improve your planning application process.

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