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Gold-standard planning assessments made 50% faster 

Rico cuts through complex planning processes and helps you produce gold-standard assessments 50% faster.

50% faster than templates and manual assessments


Templates and manual assessments are cumbersome and slow to adapt to each project. Rico streamlines the repetitive work involved, saving time and allowing you to focus more on high-value planning assessments that matter most.

Improve the consistency and quality of assessments  

Planning rules and regulations can be complex to navigate, creating excess confusion and uncertainty. Rico creates crystal-clear processes that let you quickly hone in on any project's unique issues with confidence and make better assessments faster.

How Rico Works


Rico is based in Auckland where we have a full range of products ready to go for Consultants. We also work with Local Governments across NZ to optimise planning assessments with our streamlined and simplified processes and innovative technology. Click below to learn more.

Auckland Consultants

Whether you need planning checks or full-resource consent applications, our platform is a tool for consultants to understand planning issues and generate professional reports. With Rico, you can choose from industry-standard options or fully customize the platform to match your approach and brand.

Local Governments

Rico can act as a tool for applicants and agents looking to lodge applications or processing planners making decisions. We work with Local Government planning teams to improve applications coming in, streamline processing and improve decision-making.

Get in touch today to streamline your planning assessments

If you're not sure whether Rico can help, a demo is a no-obligation opportunity to have a conversation, see Rico in action and work out whether it could be a fit for you. In any case, we'd love to hear from you and learn more about your work.

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