Let Rico do the work not worth your time​

Rico pays for itself by cutting out hours of work involved in preparing resource consent applications that isn't worth your time.
Rico is billed on a per resource consent application basis so you only pay when it helps on billable work. No fixed costs, only pay when you're making money. 

There are two tiers of applications, based on complexity: 


Basic Application

Targeted at simple land-use or subdivision only consent applications

Applications that trigger 2 or less Restricted Discretionary activities, any number of Controlled activities, and no Discretionary or Non-complying activities.


Standard Application

Targeted at the most common applications while allowing for high complexity projects too​

Applications that trigger 3 or more Restricted Discretionary activities, or any number of Discretionary and Non-complying activities

Prices are in NZD and exclude GST. Invoices are sent at the end of each month for new applications created.

Start your no-obligation Rico trial today

A demo is a no-obligation opportunity for you to speak with a Rico representative and learn more about Rico. Demo’s are run remotely, or in-person (within Auckland). There's no pressure to continue the conversation afterwards, it's simply an opportunity for you to get answers to your questions, see the software in action and work out if Rico's a fit for you. Finally, if you're interested, we can get you set up on a 60 day risk-free trial to put Rico to the test afterwards.