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Cut out work not worth your time and focus on delivering the best service.

On average, Rico saves 30% (approximately one third) of the time spent on planning assessments and report writing / documentation. 

By cutting out low-value work, Rico frees up your and your team's time and talent to focus on delivering the best outcomes for your clients.

Planning Teams


Rico is priced based on number of projects per month so you're not left with fixed costs and only pay as you're getting value. In Auckland, Rico starts at $295 per project and is discounted significantly with higher monthly volumes.

Outside Auckland + Local Authorities

The above pricing based on Auckland's planning context. We are now actively working to get planning teams and local authorities outside Auckland up and running with Rico. In such cases, the above pricing may provide some guidance, but more accurate pricing must be provided on request after gaining a better understanding of your requirements.

Get in touch today to streamline your planning assessments

If you're not sure whether Rico can help, a demo is a no-obligation opportunity to have a conversation, see Rico in action and work out whether it could be a fit for you. In any case, we'd love to hear from you and learn more about your work.

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