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We take security and privacy seriously, implementing the folllowing industry standard measures to ensuring your data is protected.

Data encryption in transit and at rest

  • HTTPS - all data transmitted between your device and Rico is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  • Encrypted at rest - All your data is stored in AWS, and encrypted with industry standard cryptography.

Secure data centers

  • All our web services are hosted with AWS and configured with best practices, providing a high degree of security.

Automatic back-ups

  • Rico automatically backs up all of your data every 24 hours. So if an unlikely event occurs, we can recover your data and keep you up and running.

User authentication

  • Rico uses Auth0 by Okta for authentication and authorization, ensuring that only members of your organisation can access your data.

Security Incident Response Policy

  • In addition to the above, we have developed an internal policy outlining the responsibilities undertaken by Rico and our Customers to avoid, respond to and mitigate security incidents. View this by clicking the PDF icon below.

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