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About Rico

The planning and resource management system has never been more complicated. Despite efforts to streamline application processes, there are a growing number of environmental and societal considerations and managing these inevitably requires more rules and regulations.


Those operating within the industry see the effects of this growing complexity day to day. In a time where delivering better outcomes has never been more important, time and focus are constantly being sucked up by frustrating administrative work. 


For too long, progress has meant more complexity for planning and resource management. At Rico, we want to change that.


Rico is a pioneer in the emerging ‘rules-as-code’ space. We take complicated rules and regulations and convert these into clear digital workflows for evaluating compliance. We believe technology can be a key tool for raising the capabilities of the planning and resource management industry and ensuring better outcomes remain the central focus.


It’s early days, but we’re already having a real impact, with hundreds of applications completed using Rico and the number growing daily. The process is clearer, hours are being saved and more focus is applied to outcomes. If you’re interested to learn more about what we’re doing or work with us feel free to get in touch below.


General inquiries


Foss Shanahan

CEO & Co-founder

Max Lay

CTO & Co-founder

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