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Case Study:
Campbell Brown Planning

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“Absolutely [I'd recommend it]!  Rico is a useful tool that improves efficiency and enables planners to focus on the critical analysis of an application/proposal.”
- Michael Campbell, Director, Campbell Brown Planning

We worked with the team at Campbell Brown Planning on a bespoke configuration for their planning applications.  A couple of months on, we caught up with Michael Campbell (Director), Yujie Gao (Senior Planner) and Zoe Rogers (Planner) to discuss the process of getting set up and the results achieved.

Getting set up on Rico


What initially interested you in using Rico?


The ability to reduce admin time, improve efficiency and easier report formatting.

Did you have any initial concerns about Rico?


No real concerns. As a new system, there will always be a few gremlins to work through, but I have been impressed with the efficient manner in which any issues were resolved by working closely with our team to understand these issues and make the required changes.

How did you find the overall process of getting set up on Rico? Did it retain your team's desired approach to planning?


Our team found Rico easy to use and we were able to maintain the approach we liked.

After getting set up


How would you describe Rico in your own words?


Rico simplifies reporting so you can focus on the critical analysis of planning applications. It’s a useful tool for quickly navigating the relevant plan provisions and formulating a report informed by previous projects and ensuring that we capture the relevant matters for consideration.

Where have you found Rico most useful across the assessment process, and why?


Undertaking preliminary assessments, understanding issues and information requirements such as likely reasons for consent and the relevant assessment matters,  and assisting with drafting reports. Particularly for medium to high-density residential and commercial projects.

In what ways do you think Rico has affected/improved the quality of your assessments?


Rico has improved the comprehensiveness of our reports. It provides a thorough review of the relevant planning considerations and reduces time cross-referencing AUP(OiP) [local plan] documents.

How much time do you estimate Rico has saved you, and in what areas?


Approximately 20% across assessments and report drafting, particularly in the project setup.

Were there any benefits to using Rico that you were not expecting?

Better risk management/quality assurance across applications. We also like the ability to cross-reference previous projects.



Overall, would you recommend Rico to other planners?

Absolutely!  Rico is a useful tool that improves efficiency and enables planners to focus on the critical analysis of an application/proposal.

Get in touch today to streamline your planning assessments

If you're not sure whether Rico can help, a demo is a no-obligation opportunity to have a conversation, see Rico in action and work out whether it could be a fit for you. In any case, we'd love to hear from you and learn more about your work.

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