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Planning consultancies

Translate your clunky report templates into a digital workflow that produces clearer, more consistent reports up to  50% faster. 

Much more than a template

Simply streamlining your templates would only make you slightly faster at your old way of doing things. That’s why Rico goes deeper , delivering a more methodical process for honing in on the issues, developing clear well-reasoned opinions, and communicating these effortlessly.

Make sure you cover all the bases

Perform fast, methodical checks on sites and proposals to detect all the relevant planning inputs for a project upfront.

Clarify detailed compliance information

Hone in on relevant rules and policies and produce a crystal-clear understanding of an applications compliance, no matter how complex.

Lightning fast reports and documentation

Communicate your opinions effortlessly with a suite of automation functionalities that produce clean consistent reports faster than ever.

Available in select locations

Rico integrates with local planning instruments and GIS systems to provide our full service. It's currently available in select parts of New Zealand and we're expanding our coverage based on demand. Get in touch below if you'd like to see whether Rico's available in your area or if you'd like Rico to come to you.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation conversation to see if Rico can improve your planning application process.

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