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Local government planning teams

Rico is an end-to-end solution that brings your planning application process into the modern age, from pre-application through to processing and decision-making.

Application processing

Convert your clunky report templates and unreliable manual processes into modern digital workflows that span from initial application screening, through to final decision reports.

Filter faster, with more thorough screening

Make sure you accurately scope and triage applications during initial screening with a faster, more methodical automation assisted check process.

Crystal-clear compliance records

Good record keeping was previously a chore. Rico streamlines the process making it easy to produce crystal clear compliance records for each application. 

Lightning fast reports and documentation

Tame unruly templates and streamline repetitive mechanical tasks with a suite of automation functionalities that produce clean consistent reports every time.

Pre-application / Applicant facing

How much time do inconsistent application formats and missing information add to your application processing? Rico helps fill the gaps in understanding and standardise required information so applicants prepare and lodge better quality, easier to process applications.

Better informed proposals 

Flag all relevant planning issues and considerations to applicants upfront, ensuring they are best informed going into the application process.  

Clearer applications

Rico reduces back and forth by stepping applicants through providing required information in a clear consistent format that aligns with your internal assessment process.

Integrate directly with consultants

Option to connect with planning consultants using Rico to bring everyone on the same page and streamline the process even further. 

Available integrations


Whether your planning instruments are in an ePlan or PDFs, Rico can integrate with these to make them assessable in our digital workflows (plus keep them up to date with any changes).


We're able to integrate with public-facing and/or private GIS to automatically pull information such as planning notations (zoning, overlays etc.), site features and images into assessments.

Core systems

Connect to our API to populate fields in Rico with relevant application information from your core systems / database. 


Rico integrates with your SSO to keep user access secure and provide a seamless experience for your team.

IT / Digital Questions?

Click below for comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions on our page dedicated for local authority IT / Digital teams. 

Get in touch today for a no-obligation conversation to see if Rico can improve your planning application process.

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