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Local Government

We work with Local Government planning teams to improve applications being lodged, streamline processing and improve decision-making in their area.

Streamline and simplify your planning process

Rico can be adapted to your local government's needs. We have solutions for across the consenting environment, starting as big or small as you want, in the area(s) you need.

Improve the experience for Applicants 

Planning can be complicated for applicants. Ricos user-friendly online assessment tools simplify planning issues and compliance. Applicants and agents save time and submit higher-quality applications. This creates a better experience for everyone involved and helps to expedite the planning process.

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Application Preparation

Put applications and processing on the same page

Applicants and authorities both want to reach decisions faster. Rico seamlessly links information submitted in applications to the decision-making process. By doing so, we ensure that everyone is on the same page and the overall process is streamlined.


Streamline and improve decision-making

Meeting processing timeframes and maintaining consistent, high-quality decision-making can be a challenge. Rico replaces existing manual assessment processes, checklists and report templates with a powerful tool to assist processing planners in making planning assessments and producing accurate, consistent decision reports.

Decision-making process

Check out our work in Auckland

Rico was started in Auckland where we innovated solutions to a range of planning issues. We've proven our results with continual feedback from planners and applicants on thousands of projects. 

Get in touch today to streamline your planning assessments

If you're not sure whether Rico can help, a demo is a no-obligation opportunity to have a conversation, see Rico in action and work out whether it could be a fit for you. In any case, we'd love to hear from you and learn more about your work.

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