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Case Study:

Tripp Andrews​

Tripp Andrews.png

"If you are preparing resource consent applications and considering using Rico, you should 100% use it."

Chris Walsh, Director and Principal Planning Consultant at Tripp Andrews was one of the first customers to join us in 2020. A few months on, I caught up with him to ask a few questions about his experience with Rico so far.


Planning, Engineering and Surveying


Sole Planner working alongside Surveying and Engineering teams


A wide range of projects, primarily comprehensive residential development and subdivision

What was your process for preparing applications like before Rico?

“The majority of our work is in the Auckland Region so it simply involved reviewing the AUP online maps and GeoMaps system; noting down the relevant zones, precincts, etc; forming a list of considerations to input into our AEE template; and then finally working through the AEE. This type of process on occasion resulted in details being missed initially that required multiple backwards steps in the AEE preparation process, ultimately resulting in longer timeframes to prepare the application. On other occasions, it resulted in details being missed from the application, which resulted in longer s92 processes. I had been planning to create a detailed checklist guide to avoid these situations so Rico was exactly what I needed and much more.”

Did you have any hesitations or concerns before starting to use Rico?

“Yes - the initial pitch sounded like a computer was going to replace me and write the AEE by itself! Once I understood what Rico really was and I saw it in action, I knew that it was a powerful tool to assist planners and other professionals preparing RC applications.”

How long did it take you to get used to the new system and how did you find this process overall?

“It was approximately a week of testing to understand how it works and to complete a final deliverable. There were a few issues around the presentation of the final AEE initially, but these were all resolved.”

What are the main benefits you’ve experienced as a result of incorporating Rico into your daily work routine / your business?

"Overall, It has developed a structured approach to the application preparation process." 

Complete visibility on considerations and details

“It is fully accurate so it’s impossible to miss a relevant consideration, no matter how big or small the detail is. As such, right from the start of a project, I have complete visibility on all relevant matters and these can be addressed early in the process. It also helps make sure all relevant standards, matters of control and / or discretion, assessment criteria, objectives and policies are included and assessed.”


“Time is the biggest benefit - less time to prepare a more accurate application and less s92 time at the back end of the process.”


Fantastic Flexibility

"The flexibility of the programme is fantastic. If a consideration is not automatically populated, you can choose to add it. Conversely, if it is populated and does not need to be, you can remove it. You can also choose how to structure assessments against matters, criteria, objectives and policies between general and specific. Not every application requires a detailed assessment against each individual provision so this flexibility is great."


Easy to use remotely

"The fact that it is an online tool is great and I don't need to be in the office or work through our VPN to work on applications."


Were there any unexpected benefits to using Rico?


Assisting new / less experienced staff

“In our business we also have surveyors working toward their licensing and this involves undertaking a certain number of planning hours. Previously, we had limited structure for helping our surveyors understand how to prepare an application. This made the process difficult, resulting in more time spent training and more time spent learning. 


Rico helped put structure around this and assisted self-directed learning for our team. This made Rico a powerful training for staff that needed planning experience. I believe that it would provide the same benefit for planners just starting out in their careers.”


What would you say to others looking to use Rico?


"If you are preparing resource consent applications and considering using Rico, you should 100% use it."

Get in touch today to streamline your planning assessments

If you're not sure whether Rico can help, a demo is a no-obligation opportunity to have a conversation, see Rico in action and work out whether it could be a fit for you. In any case, we'd love to hear from you and learn more about your work.

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