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How it Works​

Rico takes your existing process for preparing resource consent applications and assessments of environmental effects and puts it into the following digital workflow:

Detect planning issues


At the start of a project, Rico automatically pulls through site information from the Council database / GIS and steps you through detecting the relevant planning issues from across the resource management framework.

Shape-up proposals with clear planning parameters


Then, the relevant activities, standards and provisions are added for each planning issue, giving you a crystal clear picture of all the relevant planning considerations while you develop proposals with clients and other specialists.

Finalise proposal and set-up report


Once a proposal is finalised, Rico automatically sets up a Resource Consent Application / Assessment of Environmental Effects report template for you to fill out based on the project’s unique characteristics.

Provide planning assessments


To complete the report, you complete the relevant planning assessments while Rico does the admin-type work around this. If you've dealt with an issue before, you can import exemplar assessments from existing reports in a click. For new assessments, relevant rules and provisions are on hand to make sure you've covered everything.

Generate your report and submit to Council


Once you've finished your assessments, simply click download and Rico will produce a fully formatted Resource Consent Application / Assessment of Environmental Effects ready for you to submit to Council. It’s that easy!

Start your no-obligation Rico trial today

A demo is a no-obligation opportunity for you to speak with a Rico representative and learn more about Rico. Demo’s are run remotely, or in-person (within Auckland). There's no pressure to continue the conversation afterwards, it's simply an opportunity for you to get answers to your questions, see the software in action and work out if Rico's a fit for you. Finally, if you're interested, we can get you set up on a 60 day risk-free trial to put Rico to the test afterwards. 

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