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How Rico consistently outclasses Word Templates for producing quality planning reports

Updated: Oct 16

Planning can get complicated. That makes ensuring consistent quality assessments across teams of all different skills and approaches difficult and time-consuming. This blog post compares how Rico compares with Word Templates for managing quality and consistency. Where previously, ensuring quality adds significant time to consent processing, Rico turns this paradigm on its head, producing better in less. Here’s how.

How Toyota produced better cars without more review, double-checking and rework

A recent podcast told the story of two car manufacturers who produced the two highest-quality cars on the market.

The first was Mercedes. They relied on quality assurance checks at the end of the production line. A team of 37 fault checkers checked for any minor faults and would send anything that wasn’t up to scratch back down the assembly line to be reworked.

The other was Toyota. They had no fault checks at the end of the production line. Instead, they identified the root causes of defects and developed their production line so that these were avoided by a good process upfront, removing the need for post-production inspections, double-checking and rework altogether.

Rico causes a similar shift for achieving quality in planning assessments and reports

Instead of spending a large amount of time on review and quality assurance after work is completed, Rico builds quality control into your process.

Let's delve into the practical differences.

Key Differences: Rico vs. Word Templates

Process Clarity

  • Word Templates: Requires scrolling, jumping between sections, and recalling specific issues.

  • Rico: Offers a clearly mapped process with step-by-step assessments, ensuring easy tracking.

Template Flexibility

  • Word Templates: Limited flexibility, often leading to multiple templates and manual adjustments.

  • Rico: Adaptable templates for various project nuances, reducing manual formatting.

Using existing assessments

  • Word Templates: Often involve copying and pasting sections from previous assessments.

  • Rico: Allows the import of the most relevant assessments from previous projects with a few clicks.


  • Word Templates: Requires manual formatting for branding consistency.

  • Rico: Automatically formats in your company's branding settings every time.


  • Word Templates: Fear of missing something creates additional bloating in reports to ensure everything is covered.

  • Rico: Confidence you’ve covered everything you need to, clearer and more concise reports.

The Benefits of Rico

Rico's workflow integrates quality control into your assessment planning process. It offers a user-friendly interface for adapting templates to specific projects while maintaining methodical processes. This accelerates the assessment process, reduces

end-of-review work, and produces more concise reports.


In a world where time is precious and quality is required, Rico offers an approach where quality is embedded in the assessment process. It's a shift from traditional Word Templates to a more streamlined and efficient way of conducting assessments. As you explore improvements to your assessment process, consider Rico as an option that prioritizes quality from the start.

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